On deck…

As I mentioned, its all about POTENTIAL. Look past the rust, the crappy patchwork of paintwork, and the god damned awful greenhouse/conservatory/shipping container thing on top. Squint and you can see a 1920s gentleman sloop crossed with an art deco styled ocean liner… right. Right?

Yeah, right. There is however a good sense of space – the top space is 13ft by 40ft – with great light. And, admittedly, also a great breeze whistling in from all angles.

The picture below is taken up towards the stern. The original ladders are still – mostly – in place meaning the deck effectively steps across two different levels. The hatchy bit leading below deck (must learn the right term here) is original and can be seen in the vintage photos. The portholes to the sides are not and form part of this weird superstructure that was tacked on top to make it her (also must remember this) a sightseeing cruiser in the 1960s.


The opposite view towards the bow is below. Note the doormat.


That is pretty much it for photos of the inside. There is not much, if any, natural light below deck so pretty hard to photograph anything apart from the engine. More of that later.


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