IN THE ARCHIVES – Who Do You Think You Are?

In a past life research was my thing. So time to put my money where my mouth is and do a bit of ye olde historical research.

As a former fire boat, there is bound to be some file on Beta III somewhere… and, low and behold, the National Archives say that the London Metropolitan Archives have a file. Excellent.


LCC/FB/GEN/3/45 – this seems to be the main file.

They are literally a stones throw from my house.

Naomi – any other hints or tips about where to look?


2 thoughts on “IN THE ARCHIVES – Who Do You Think You Are?

  1. Naomi Leon, Research Roots

    You’ve definitely hit upon the right file at the London Metropolitan Archives – I doubt you’re going to find any other more specific records. You might however be interested in these clips from Pathe news which shows London firefloats in action between 1914-1932:
    Possible that No. 2 (1925) is the Beta III? Perhaps the file will tell you more…
    Good luck!

    1. hellyboo Post author

      Ooooh. That is a distinct possibility. It does look pretty similar to Beta III. The only catch is that Beta III was built in 1926 and the video dates from 1925. Thank you!


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