How much does a boat weigh?


Things have gone ominously quiet here. Turns out that lifting a boat out of the water isn’t anywhere as easy as I had hoped. You don’t just hoik it out and there are no quick fixes.

I seem to have the crane and tides fixed, and a wharf to lift it out on. The problem is now with the lorry that it will then be put upon. If the boat is as big and heavy as suggested, it won’t be able to carry it and there will be a big mess of squished lorry and boat. While I stand there in my hard hat with my bottle of champers looking like right plum.

This leads on to some careful calculations which were completed – literally, see above – on the back on an envelope in order to work out how much exactly Betty weights.

She is stamped on the engine room with 25.75 tonnes gross weight (thanks Neil for pointing this out). But the London Fire Brigade Museum suggest that is the weight with the two original engines which would have weighed 3 tonnes. They have been replaced by a Gardiner engine which is 3.5 tonnes bringing it up to 26.25 tonnes. On top of this there is the weird conservatory-shack structure which is guestimated to come in at around 2 tonnes…. so 28.25 tonnes total. This is probably a generous estimation as a lot of the other bells and whistles have been removed.

At about the weight of seven adult elephants, Betty’s not light…


4 thoughts on “How much does a boat weigh?

  1. neil

    Love the video. It appears I,ve sold my boat to a lady with an artistic flare and great ambition. Result. Your doing everything so well so far. Well done Helen. Any news on the lift date? Neil

  2. neil

    In answer to Naomi,s comments on changing her name to Big fat Bertha. Rule number 1. Never change the name of a boat, its bad luck.. Its the way of the sea you know, Arrrrrrr captain. šŸ™‚

  3. hellyboo Post author

    Thanks Neil.
    I can’t take any of the credit for the creativity on the video – all the work of my friend Al. It makes the whole area look really beautiful.
    Current thinking is a lift date on Wednesday 6th or poss 7th November. High tide on 6th is at 12.20 which is not ideal but in the days before it is at midnight which is worse! Cussons are also suggesting that the top will have to come off before it is lifted – not because of the weight for the crane but for the trailer. Have been in comms with Carl who is hopefully going to sort it all out for me!


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