It’s underway!

Whizzed down this morning, with bluebell being buffeted on all sides, to finally get the work underway. The hideous structure is surprisingly well put together with layers of plyboard, insulation and a climbing frame of welded poles. Lee and Led are attacking it with crowbars with the PVC lean-to extension already in the bin.


The inside sections were crowbarred into oblivion today. The roof panels go tomorrow and on Wednesday the metal structure gets the angle grinder treatment.


I normally consider myself a bit of a pro at pre painting destruction. However this scale of demolition is clearly out of my league.

After hovering round the edges helpfully and appropriately humming “wrecking ball” by Miley Cyrus (i came in like a wrrrrreeeeeecccckkkkiinng baaaaaalllll…) and taking photos, I decided my skills might be best deployed elsewhere.

Off to make phone calls over a cup of tea in my new favourite place – The Bosuns Bite – and a blustery walk with the Gizzster round Rye Harbour.


It looks very chocolatey but is actually made from kale and has almost zero calories.

Discovered this little hut thingy in Beta III colours. Looks great against a blue sky. Excuse the wonky skyline – need Kate or Naomi to come work some filter hips fanatic magic.


Back on Wednesday to check progress.


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