The lift explained through the medium of lego (part 2)


Predictably things didn’t go to plan. The bad weather and high winds in Rye mean that the boats due to come in and out of the wharf at high tide have become backed up. I am on the last high tide day (and the smallest boat) so I get bumped off the list. Totally sucks.

I am not and have never been good at dealing with non negotiable situations – airport security, traffic wardens, baking – so am miffed. As pictured below.


The only slight glimmer of a silver lining is that with the top off the boat is considerably lighter and higher in the water. This means I *might* be able to move it on a 3.8m tide and not have to wait a WHOLE MONTH EXTRA for the lift to take place.

Either way total logistical ball ache. Off to drown sorrows with lemsip.


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