The final preparations are underway. Team Betty have pumped out the water from the fo’c’sle.


The WHAT?!?!?

Word of the day – fo’c’sle.

“Forecastle refers to the upper deck of a sailing ship forward of the foremast, or the forward part of a ship with the sailors’ living quarters. Related to the latter meaning is the phrase “before the mast” which denotes anything related to ordinary sailors, as opposed to a ship’s officers.”

I know where it is, but can’t pronounce it to save my life…. Apparently “foxsicle” to rhyme with “Popsicle” is definitely wrong. Either way, thanks to Led and Lee, it’s now water free ready for the lift!


1 thought on “Fo’c’sle

  1. led

    It is pronounced folks all, or rather, folk-sall. The little room in front of that is the chain locker. The stern locker is at the back under that little metal plate. The spaces between those two ends could be considered as holds (one day they will grow into fine cabins(!)), although the forward hold has an entrance you’d struggle to get a medium sized bag of shopping through. If you’re planning a tea run from China, you would need to take it out of the box to pour into the forward hatch loose leaf style.

    Another interesting nautical term, ‘Getting a Lick of the Cat*’, can be used quiet freely whilst standing on any part of a ship or boat.

    I’ll see thee on the ‘morrow.

    * Cat o’Nine Tails


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