F&B Boats – 1970s cool

This has been a bumper day of photos and info. The connection through the Liquid Highway site put me in touch with Rob Balcomb.

Rob’s Dad was Bob Balcomb of F&B Boats. They owned the Beta III from 1979 to 84 operating her between Kingston and Hampton Court providing river cruises and floating discos (I definitely need to recreate the early 80s floating disco at some point!)


Rob has kindly given me access to even more photos. I reckon she looked quite smart in her blue and white phase!









The photo below is my favourite. I need to try and recreate it when I am down there next – with blue not white overalls and a far less impressive moustache!!


A big thank you to Rob!


2 thoughts on “F&B Boats – 1970s cool

  1. Jeanette Wright nee BAlcomb

    I am Robs sister – and therefore obviously Bobs daughter! Dad would be so pleased that she has been rescued again…he loved every one of his boats and could never part with them. It was a huge decision to retire to Cornwall……..but he couldn’t give boats up and started again in Falmouth Harbour. I like to think that he was the Isambard Kingdom Brunel of boats, thats what that last photo reminds me of – if only he had a top hat!!


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