BETA III BOOK CLUB – “Conserving Historic Vessels”


The weather continues to be pretty appalling and progress on the blasting has been slow. The only upside is that this has given me the opportunity to do a bit more of the behind the scenes research about the boat and boat conservation in general.

First up for review is “Conserving Historic Vessels”, published by National Historic Ships. I did hesitate before buying this one as it is a not inconsiderable thirty quid, however I am so glad I bought it. The book itself – as my blurry photos below try to show – is a delight. Thick paper, beautifully laid out, well thought out material and really contemporary illustrations and styling. While it is a great coffee table book – and I mean this as a compliment – from a design and content point of view, the info it contains is a solid summary of the conservation debate and the section about researching vessels has given me new ideas for research routes. Not just a pretty face.





“Conserving Historic Vessels” published by National Historic Ships. ISBN 978-0-9566554-0-0


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