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“Fireboat Beta III at R4Z river fire station, at Cherry Garden Pier, Rotherhithe, on the Thames opposite Wapping. All the River Thames Formation craft were given unique identification. T Beta III was one of the three London Fire Brigade fireboats brought into war service together with the Massey Shaw and Gamma III. Date: 1942”

Bit dubious about this one as the number of windows are different…

“Civilian marine engineers on the Beta III fireboat during her sea trials prior to being placed in operational service. Date: late 1920s”

Also some extra info about what was where:

“Gamma II was stationed at the Lambeth river fire station (R1) opposite the London Fire Brigade headquarters building on the Albert Embankment, SE1. It was one of three fireboats in the Brigade’s fireboat fleet at the time this picture was taken, the other two fireboats being the Massey Shaw moored at Blackfriars and Beta III moored at Cherry Garden Pier. Date: late 1940s”

The picture below is Beta, the predecessor to Beta III:

“A fire float and tug were first introduced in 1877 and used until 1900 when they were replaced by shallow draft fireboats. Whilst the fire float was only a fire pump mounted in a barge which the tug transported to the scene of the fire, the Brigade introduced self-propelled steam fireboats and soon acquired three of these: Alpha, Beta and Gamma. The fireboat pictured is Beta, moored by Charing Cross railway bridge on the River Thames. Date: 1904”

“Fireboat Beta alongside Cherry Garden Pier, Rotherhithe, in the Port of London, downstream from Tower Bridge. The twin funnelled Beta had a large capacity firefighting fitted monitor near its prow. The monitor could throw a powerful column of water, of many hundreds of gallons per minute, to the height of London’s tallest riverside wharves. With a draft of only 19 inches this fireboat could operate at very low tides. Date: 1920s”



2 thoughts on “More photos

  1. Rob

    “Civilian marine engineers on the Beta III fireboat during her sea trials prior to being placed in operational service. Date: late 1920s” I think this photo is of the Beta II

  2. Rob

    Two ‘shouts’ of The Beta III. July 1928 warehouse fire at Bermondsey after a wait for the tide to get into St Saviour’s Dock she shot 1500 gallons of water per minute onto the fire. Second notable ‘shout’.25 Sep.1935 at Colonial Wharf,Wapping where she was joined by the newly launched Massey Shaw.


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