MOORINGS: St Katherine’s Dock


PLUS: very central and well kept
NEGGIES: bit of a goldfish bowl and no actual river views
SCHWEFFINESS SCORE: 8/10 I shall need a tanned deckhand called Brad wearing a polo shirt and chino shorts.

Despite having lived in London for nearly ten years, to my shame I have never been to St Katherine’s Dock. Turns out that it’s actually rather nice – despite the dominance of high street chain restaurants – and, on a sunny day, had a schweffy holiday feel. Think New England yacht club.


Moorings for larger boats are, unfortunately, quite rare and it was suggested that it was a bit of a one in one out situation. The mooring year runs April to April with offers to extend to current residents made in nov-dec. Therefore if anything were to come up, it would be December-January.



The dock currently houses a real mix of boats and it was a good opportunity to do some rubbernecking and try and pin out what styles and structures I like and what I’m less keen on.

THUMBS UP: semi-covered outdoor space
THUMBS DOWN: blue. Don’t really like it as a colour… Have a feeling that this could be a problem with all things boating.


THUMBS UP: railings, lots of lovely railings. Metres of glass making the most of the deck and good outside space with original looking decks. Also the all important curve to the roof.
THUMBS DOWN: it looked stunning from the bow-port angle, hideous from the back.


THUMBS UP: like the extra stepped up windows and the mix of materials
THUMBS DOWN: don’t like cream either

THUMBS UP: again, love railings
THUMBS DOWN: again, no to cream



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