BETA III BOOK CLUB – “offshore”



So I heard about Offshore on radio four. I was half listening to A Good Read while whipping up some gluten free sourdough to put in the Aga (Middle class cliches… I jest). Kathy Lette was slagging it off as – and I paraphrase – “a bit meh”. What can that brassy Australian know about boating literature? Turns out she is right. It is indeed very “meh”… Almost good but slightly wide of the mark with watery characterisation and a vague plot from start to finish.

So, I learnt that all boats leak and sink and that everyone who has anything to do with them is a little unhinged. True that.

Needless to say, I have archived this next to my copy of “Steel Boats” (see previous review). That is to say, it’s propping up the rear side of the caravan.



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