Delectable decks…

The underside of the teak decks make up the roof of the cabins below with no steel sub deck in between. While they are structurally in fairly good nick and impressively solid, the undersides had become covered in paint and gunk over the years. I didn’t get a good before photo but you can get the idea from these earlier snaps.



To get the decks back looking spangly, the plan was to blast them with soda. We ended up going with superfine blast material in order to ping off the surface muck without digging too fine into the surface of the wood.

So once again Betty disappeared into a puff of smoke.


The results are pretty darn amazing. As good if not better than new.



The undersides had to be blasted as there was no other viable way of getting the paint and grime off. However there are conflicting schools of thought on whether the top – the actual deck bit – should be blasted. It is suggested that this creates grooves in the wood but a lot of the info refers to thinner more veneer style decks. Any thoughts on this welcome!


3 thoughts on “Delectable decks…

  1. Ben

    Hi again
    Wow the undersides of the deck look unbelievable I remember what they were like on many occasion I ended up with flakes of that old rubbish stuck all over my head glad it’s gone
    If that’s the finish on the underside the top is going to look great GO FOR IT !!!!

  2. Lynda

    Gosh that really is impressive. Looks like new! I would certainly be tempted to give it a try on the top…


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