Shovelling more shit…

Remember the previous post where I was scraping diesel sludge out of the bottom of the boat? Well, that was only part of the story…. First the sludge was shovelled… Then it was scabbled and that debris was removed… Then it was blasted and that debris was shovelled out… Now the underside of the decks have been blasted and the aware blast material needs to be removed. Hopefully this is the last stage of shit shovelling.

I haven’t been doing much of the shovelling (big thanks to L&L) but I did get involved in clearing the stern. Possibly one of the trickier sections as it’s in a slant with many many nooks and crannies.

The tools of the job

20140503-112321.jpg<br /
And a mid shovelling selfie. I look very cheerful as I have Sam Cooke blasting through the headphones at full volume. Fortunately the compressor drowns out my singing…

And yes, that is a red boiler suit. My best clothing purchase of 2014.>


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