Today involves sitting watching the carpenters hard at work while waiting for the welders to arrive. Glorious sunshine in Rye and I have fashioned a sun lounger out of some pallets. A good opportunity to provide an update of some of the things I have found and removed from the boat…

All removed and stashed and awaiting blasting. These may be the perfect victims for me to get to grips with having a go on the shotblaster. As you can see, they were fairly well secured in place.

Having hauled out the engine, we found another load of vintage tools hiding underneath.

Finally, I unscrewed the deck prisms with my own fair hands. Four in total, two larger minus any glass and two smaller with still some slightly chipped glass in place.

These are pretty cool. They lay flush with the deck and the glass prisms let’s through light into the deck below. Definitely one to get fixed back up and reinstate.




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