The engine looking slick

Meanwhile down in Dorset, Geoff and Martyn have been doing some sterling work on the engine. This update was from late November so that chaps are now even further down the line with the refurb.

As ever, I have had a very detailed update from Geoff and some great photos. Over to Geoff….

“Time for an update!

The missing big end bearing finally turned up which enabled us to complete the installation of all the liners and pistons. Once that was done we could then refit all the crankcase doors and put some more grey paint on.

We eventually managed to catch up with Dan, Dan the Steam Cleaner Man and he made a grand job of clearing sixty years worth of clag from the cylinder heads. We are currently refurbishing the heads and refitting them as we go. They all needed new exhaust valve guides but all the valves themselves were recoverable. The valves and seats have been re-cut and laboriously lapped in. Martyn’s favourite job (not!)

All the aluminium parts have come back from the polishers who have made an awesome job of cleaning them. I do hope you like Brasso as we can
guarantee the polish police will be calling on you once the engine is refitted!

The coming week will see a whole host of ball bearings fitted as well as the main timing case and timing chain. The only hold up we know of at the moment is a resolution to the main engine water pump question. Yours was missing and we are still trying to get either a complete rotary drive for
a Jabsco type pump or a ram type pump. The sooner the better as the plumbing will take a lot of thought and work. We must also sort out getting the two water pumps from Toby’s as we have to plan how to mount them in a more engineered manner. We don’t do cobbled up plumbing!

Incidentally have you got the fabrication and installation of the skin cooling tank sorted out? I see that you are busy painting the hull and must remind you that the skin tank has to be welded to the inside of the hull, below the water line alongside the engine room. Be a shame to burnoff the new paint.

I guess-timate that the old girl will be ready to rock and roll early in the New Year.(The Gardner not you). Visitors have stopped muttering yuk and ewwwww and we are starting to hear cor and wow

A bit more engine porn is attached.. first clues of mechanical gorgeousness peeping through!”

And the photos…







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