Paint heavier than heavy


After an AWFUL LOT of agonising about paints for Betty, it turns out that – perhaps more by luck than judgement – we managed to go for a really good paint. Jotamastic, produced by jotun, is not cheap by any means but the results it gives in smoothing out the surface of the hull are amazing. It is super thick and really provides a thick coating on the hull. This is essential when you realise that any water needs to get through two layers of this stuff before it even touches the steel. 

The picture of the stick above is meant to show just how heavy duty this stuff really is. It was used to stir the paint and, over time, layers have built up on it. I kid you not that this thing is now more like a dumbbell and ridiculously heavy at the end where the paint is. Tough stuff indeed!

Full details of the paint spec here if you are interested:

I bought it through SML who were very helpful and nice chaps. 


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