The latest

Spring has sprung in Rye and work on the boat has sped up! 

I have been prepping the decks ready for the carpenters. This has involved pulling out random rusty nails and scraping out the old tar and sand and gunk from the seams. Once again work on the boat involves scraping and shovelling shit. They still look a bit dodge but up close they are much better, believe me. I do need some of those knee pad thingies though. The margin planks will be fitted next week, more on that later…
Underneath the boat, the welders are finishing up and are fitting the engine cooling system. Plan is to have a closed system and for the water to cool by running through this maze of pipes. Question is, can it double as underfloor heating too?!?

More updates to come as, with the improved weather, hopefully progress will speed up.


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