Literally. But this time the welders haven’t been welding but rather cutting away. Specifically through from the rear cabin into the engine room, the engine room to the main cabin, and the main cabin to the front cabin. The new openings have been framed like doorways and the space is really starting to make sense.

A tour… The view from the engine room looking towards the stern. You can see the doorway leading into the front cabin.


The view back into the engine room showing the corridor down the side and the newly framed hatch  on the deck.  

Looking back into the rear cabin.  

Neil on the phone – this shows the height in the main cabin as he is about six foot.      

Looking from the front cabin back to the main cabin. The headroom is a bit restricted in here so it will be a sleeping area. Big enough fora double bed though.

The hatch you can see above in the front cabin will be framed and have reinforced glass. You can lie in bed and stair at the stars.           


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