Raking again

More raking and the deck is pretty much prepped bar the bit round the wheel and under the tarps. Very pleased and we did actual find a couple of pieces of caulking cotton. No photos of the work in progress, nor documented evidence of the severe sunburn we got after a day on deck. Instead a picture of lunch on deck…   

Winchelsea beach after we’d finished (not quite warm enough for a swim).  

And the big tin of jizer that will get scrubbed into the engine room on Friday. 😁 


2 thoughts on “Raking again

  1. john price

    hi there,i called round several times last week to see you.i was stationed at lambeth river in the late sixties and remember your boat as a passenger vessel one of the older firemen who i worked with was actually on her when she was in service.i am down in winchelsea again in september and would like to meet up with you,i have several photos of beta on my computer and would be happy to try and forward them on to you.regards john price

    1. hellyboo Post author

      Hi John! Great to hear from you – it is fantastic to hear from anyone who remembers beta III or knows anything about her. I was only around on Monday last week so must have missed you.
      I would love to see any photos you have – my email
      Is helen_symonds@hotmail.com if you are able to send them by email.
      Do come by when you are back in September. It would be great to meet you and hopefully I will have some more progress to show you by then!
      All the best


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