Progress report

Getting there. Slowly but surely. Was scraping more shit from the bottom of the stern cabin today and also indulged in some extreme hoovering and finished raking out the deck.

The cross beam, filling in the gap between the raised part of the deck, is in place and painted.   

The new iroko margin planks were originally quite orangey in colour…  

They have now faded rather beautifully to grey and fit in much better with the rest of the deck.  

The deck is ready for some real attention and all the gaps and holes and random bits and pieces will soon be plugged and made right. Led has cleaned the engine room with the jizer and almost half of the inside has been painted. I am soon to be the proud owner of a Dremmel which should make things even more fun. Back later in the week for more scraping and painting! Only part of the long boat to do list below…



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