The decks, the decks

it might be summer only in name, it might be raining in an apocalyptic style, and I may be holed up with a wracking cough, but fortunately work on the boat continues! These next few posts will be slightly out of time sequence but as they relate to different parts of the project, I don’t mind if you don’t. 

The biggest change is that after quite a false start (more on that later), work on repairing the deck has started. The replacement real arrived and looks lush…


Then work has started patching up the desk. The main area that needed attention was on the upper deck where there used to be a hatch. The old rotten bits of non-teak were removed and replaced with brand new bits.    

 Once cut to size, these were bolted in place to the cross beams. 
And then the bolts covered up with wooden discs which are glued in place and will later be finished flush with the deck.

 As with any job, you gotta check that the underneath side looks just as swish. And indeed it does! How beautiful is that teak?


(Big thank you to Led for taking the photos in my absence)



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