Deck bore

Okay so now I’m definitely turning into a deck bore. But the photos I am posting show the nifty repairs that are part of the process of bringing the deck up to scratch. 

One section of the deck used to have a piece of metal on the underside holding different planks together in lieu of a crossbeam. This had been put in at some point when the layout of the deck had been changed to support a section where the joins hadn’t been staggered. This had completely rusted through so was removed by the welders. It was replaced with a bit of teak. The bolt holes were repaired and splits mended with wedges driven in to the seams to force the splits together while the glue dried. A couple of bits were replaced to cover the circular hole, new bolts were added and then covered with pellets. Pellets are also added on the underside to create a clean finish when it is viewed from below.

Beautiful craftsmanship and makes a real difference to this area of the deck.



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