Spot the difference…

Clue: it’s big, red and curved!


2 thoughts on “Spot the difference…

  1. Dug Ward

    Hi, it’s Dug (ex skipper from the 80’s) I have been following all your posts with great interest. Love everything you have done with the old girl. Somehow I seem to have lost your email address. Would love to come to Rye and see all the wonderful work you have done for myself and give a hand if I can. Keep up the great work.

    1. hellyboo Post author

      Hi Dug! Good to hear from you! Yes do come down to Rye. It would be great to show you around and hear about how she looked when you worked on her. If you email me on and let me know when you were thinking, we can make arrangements. We are just starting to take a look at the steering gear and the rudder, so it would be great to have any inside info (literally!) on this. Helen


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