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The other part of the project on the go at the moment is sorting out the steering set up. In short how the rudder is held down in place, how this connects to the steering mechanism and the boat itself, and how the whole lot is kept as dry and rust-free as possible. Easy right? As the old chain steering mechanism is to be replaced with hydraulics, it is a good time to ensure that all the posts and stuffing boxes and clamps surrounding the rudder are also rust free and in good nick.

I don’t know my stuffing box from my gland seal but fortunately I am in good hands. Here are some pictures – in the wrong order but it has been a long day – of the current set up and what needs to be done…

Installing hydraulic steering that attaches to the new rudder arm. This means I can get rid of the greasy chains that run through the boat and rely on a simpler and cleaner hydraulic tube system.  

The current internal set up, holding the rudder in place and connecting the steering. A bit rusty.

… Can’t remember what this bit is. I said I wasn’t an engineer…

Nor this… Will check with Ian.

Below is the plan Ian has come up with…

The pics below show how the rudder is held down and attached. These are pretty rusty so will be replaced.

And finally the stern tube as it enters the boat. This will be re-jigged to ensure the water stays out.   
There you go… I think I have my head around it all but all will become more apparent when it gets put together and I can see the new parts in situ.


2 thoughts on “Other things

  1. Rob

    The round bar coming through the bottom of the hull is the rudder stock and the bit like a segment of a wheel is the rudder quadrant .


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