The steering gear

One of the slight amends to the boat is the steering gear. Previously this consisted of big greasy chains running the length of the boat and a very rusty rudder stock. The engine is now fine, the prop shaft, rudder and propellor are okay, it’s just the crucial joining up bits. So first job is to sort out the rudder stock. As I mentioned previously, bits were rusted, bits weren’t designed that well to keep the water outside the hull, and there needed to be somewhere for the hydraulics and the back up tiller arm to attach.

Step in Caninis. Ian designed a new way of linking the bits together and Caninis made a new rudder stock. It required a couple of trips to Brede to drop off and pick up. And I learnt the valuable lesson not to stock a tiller arm in a Figaro (there is no way it will fit, simply no way). This meant stopping off en route at Three Legs Brewery to taste beer so definitely not a chore.
Below is the new cap that fits over where the tiller arm will drop in.  

And the new rudder stock which fits through the back of the boat – rudder on the bottom, controlled either by the arm or the tiller attaching to the top.

Two new materials… New to me anyway. This disc of stuff that is made from rags soaked in glue and compressed together and is harder than nails. I forget what it’s called but it’s something like “tuff-it”. The second is a type of rope impregnated with graphite which makes it slippery like a snake and positively space age. It will go into the thing that holds the rudder to the boat – enough room for it to move but enough to hold it in place without friction. I wanted to put them together in a Marni-style necklace but this would leave me with a very grey neck. You have to suffer for fashun darlink!



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