All hands on deck

So, turns out caulking a deck takes some time… A whole lot of time. Days, if not weeks of pounding caulking cotton into seams and topping with sikaflex (the dreaded sikaflex).  

How about you come and help. In return I can offer…

– the chance to pick up a new skill… To participate in a dying craft… Like dry stone walling with fewer stones and no walls.

– a suntan/sunburn in April (of the farmers tan variety unless you are willing to go sleeveless)

– an endless supply of sandwiches and tea. They only do hamandcheese/cheeseandpickle/eggandcress in Rye. There ain’t no hummous.

– an overly developed right shoulder from all that hammer action and a sore left thumb from where that hammer action doesn’t go to plan. In fact, sod it, I can offer a lifetime of back problems and osteopathy visits. Add to this tinnitus from the endless clanging sounds.

Jesting aside, the views are stunning and the whole thing is quite addictive…. “Just one more line before we go…” Come! Betty needs you! 


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