This week, shovelling more shit

Another day mucking by around in the bilges. First the rust and pig iron was shovelled from the depths of the boat, then a second round of decayed metal debris, then shotblasting sand. Now its sodden sawdust and deck debris at the bow, and grease and sodden kitty litter from the engine room. 

It is quicker than it sounds – speeded up by the thought that this is really the last time I will have to do this – and quite easy to do. The best method is just to put some thick rubber gloves on and scoop with your hands. Turns out you can happily touch anything when you have gloves on – as I am sure anyone in the medical profession can attest to.  

About 6 10kg bags came out in a couple of hours. It just needs to dry off a little more and I can take the Hoover to it. Ultimate cleaning. 



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