The rudder and tiller arm

The engineering trickery is now complete and the new rudder stock and fixings are in place. This means everything is secured by non-rusty fittings, the tiller arm drops smoothly into the top of the rudder stock should it be needed, and there is an arm to attach hydraulic steering. 
The internal bits that I always forget the names for…. I know there is a quadrant, some sort of snuff box and a couple of glands. A bit like calculus, almost as soon as it is explained to me I forget how it works. Importantly it now does.  

The fixings on deck where the tiller arm drops in.

The arm on the rudder stock where the hydraulics can be attached.

A rather natty cap to cover the deck fixings.

A new bit holding the rudder down.

The tiller arm in situ. It might look unwieldy but the movement is smooth and requires no effort to steer thanks to all the mechanics being realigned, rust free, and clear of obstructions. Reverse might be a different issue as the arm could quite easily among round and crack you in the ribs. 


2 thoughts on “The rudder and tiller arm

  1. Dug Ward

    Looks good. Last time I used that it had an 8 ft extension on it and you stood on a metal roof above the bar. Shook like hell above 4 knots. 🙂


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