Progress progress 

The success-fail ratio has (touch wood) changed to three steps forward, one step back and we have definitely gone up a gear.

Good things from today:

1) sanded the maroon painted steps (who paints anything with maroon paint?!) and underneath, the wood is beautiful and the stairs definitely reusable.

From this…

To this (half finished but you get the idea)

  2) the deck furniture is painted, the mounting pads are ready and, as soon as we have bolts, it will all go back on.

3) bits of the fittings on the bow deck have been painted… The chain locker lid, the tube and the vents. Once again, jotamastic 87 is truly amazing. Dimples and pits be gone! I think it would work wonders for cellulite too as the ultimate in body paint.

And the one step back? The little generator that could now can’t. After servicing and tinkering to the exhaust d even the addition of skis to aid mobility, it couldn’t keep going and has gone to the big junkyard in the sky. A little annoying but I am assured a move to diesel is the way forward.



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