Bit of a high drama title. Truth be told the ever so patient owners of the site where we are based have suggested that they might need our corner back for their business and that this would need to happen at the end of September. They have been beyond patient and charming, particularly given they inherited us when they bought the site from the previous owner.”you know your new industrial site… there’s a mad woman and a rusty boat in the corner that can’t be moved….”. Exactly.

They have kindly suggested that we can always move the boat down a bit.  It given that involves extra cost, the project has already dragged on, and we are nearly done, it makes sense to speed things up and get the job done. It’s a boat after all. It should be in the water.

My ha fa are a bit tied with the littlest crew member which makes things a bit tricky. If there is anyone out there who fancies a bit of hard labour and can help, please do!! I need it.


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