Full steam ahead

We are going great guns in our attempt to wrap things up by the end of September. The engine is in, the floor is finished and secure. The battens are on the ribs ready for the bead and butt panelling to be attached, and the panelling has been painted. Phew!

We have taken delivery of the new PVC Striker Rail which Ian and tom are in the process of attaching. No mean feat as this involves maneouvring a massive heavy length of the stuff to above head height and inserting the washer strip into place. Drilling out through the existing hole in the hull, drilling a pellet back through, bolting it on and plugging the hole. Then repeat for 100 metres. Tough stuff!

This will all be done by next week when the chap comes to spray some insulating foam in the inside of the hill before the panelling goes back on…. magic!


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