Things are cracking on a pace. Really moving full pelt. Tom (deputy sub-captain, cabin boy) has been down there with Ian (Chief engineer) pretty much everyday and the hard graft and hours is really starting to show. We have all the panelling done and painted, the kitchen has gone in and the first fix of the wiring has been started on. Who’d a thought we’d start thinking about kitchen appliances?

The only downside about going into this in more detail is that Ido most of my comms with the boat over FaceTime so there actually aren’t that many photos… yet. We will be doing a bit photo session next time I’m down next week but in the meantime there are only a couple of pics of the panelling.

Most of the fit out is quite plain at this stage but we do have these plinths covering the larger ribs. They look unintentionallyquite Art Deco which does fit in with the age of the boat. From fireboat to 1920s gin palace 😊👍🏼


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