The curse of the busy

I hate complaining I am too busy – it’s all fun stuff and never boring and I love doing all the bits I do – but it does mean that there is almost no time for blog writing. All the progress in the last three months on the boat remains undocumented which, given I have been tapping away on the keyboard for some five years, does seem a bit of a shame. So, in the interests of keeping some sort of record up, I’m going to avoid volumes of type and go for the picture and video approach. You’ll get the drift….

We left Betty with a newly installed log burner. Since then, all the interior cladding has been finished and painted, lights have been installed and the whole boat wired. There is a bathroom with bath, toilet and plumbing. The kitchen is finished and painted and there is running water. Doors are on the cabin and the bolt holes in the striker rail have been plugged. A lot of hard work that I have to credit Tom and Ian for. It looks blimmin amazing. Better than I had ever hoped in fact.

There is still a fair bit to do – a sink in the bathroom, worktops and a boiler – but considering how far we have come, it’s mere frosting.

Anyway… photos…


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