Long overdue update

Who knew how much work three small children under 5 was? Turns out a lot. between the kids and the business, I barely have time to go to the loo let alone refurbish a boat. But things have been bumbling along nonetheless. Also further complicated by covid and lockdowns – hey, wasnt everything?!?

In October 2020 – between lockdowns!!! – we put Beta back in the water and took her to her new mooring in Woodbridge. This was our number one choice for a mooring – train station, easy road access, possible to tow the boat there from Ipswich and – importantly – affordable (the marinas don’t stack up with price per foot for larger boats). We were SO LUCKY to finally get a mooring there and are ridiculously grateful to Sam and Emma for taking us on. Things do sometimes turn on a pin and having sorting this, the whole project went from stressful white elephant to looking like it was much nearer completion.

Just the question of getting there… Foxtons were more than happy to sling us in the water and – I’m sure – to see the back of us! They were great but we aren’t a yacht and they needed the space back. Just the question of getting there and, on the river Orwell, turns out Tam is your man for shifting boats.

The boat where it was in the Foxtons meadow…
The travel hoist – I became quite obsessed with this machine. It is as it looks – a giant sling on wheels

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