Video footage of the launch

The big plop. Much more slow motion than I had anticipated.
Did I say much more slow motion?!
Oh yeah…. That very expensive anode isn’t even below the waterline 🙈😬
Can you imagine the stress of towing her round these yachts. The guys were just so slick here – I imagine you have to be as you don’t get asked back if you get it wrong.
The moment of truth.

2 thoughts on “Video footage of the launch

  1. ukisyma

    One thinks of boat launches as dramatic splashes; this is much more gentle and civilised. Still impressive, given the size of that beast.

    1. hellyboo Post author

      I know…. I don’t want to say I was disappointed by the lack of splash, but…
      very grateful for the fact there wasn’t also a big glug


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