IN THE ARCHIVES – Beta III the Movie Star

So my buddy and fellow research geek Naomi ( has uncovered some Pathe film clips. These may – or may not – include some footage of Beta III.

Of the three, this clip looks most likely to be her:

She was launched in 1926 and the clip is dated 1925 which puts a bit of a question mark over it.

Now, Neil, the previous owner (key advisor and originator of the Beta III dream) has suggested that he will be able to work out if it is her…. so over to you Neil…. Let me know your verdict.

The other two related clips are below:


2 thoughts on “IN THE ARCHIVES – Beta III the Movie Star

  1. Neil McBeta the 3rd

    Hi Helen. Well you certainly do your homework..!! Well done on finding the Pathe news reel. Having looked at the film, I would be 70/30 on it being Beta lll. The shape is correct and the deck layout is pretty much there, and as for the year, beta is 1926, the film is 1925, but I supose they may have launched her after testing? However, there is another 2 possible candidates. Look up, Gamma and also Alfa. Both these are around the same period.worth checking out. But she does look 70% rite in the film. Well done you for finding that. How goes the possible lift? got a date yet? We shall all be watching progress. She,s in good hands it appears. Neil

  2. hellyboo Post author

    Thanks Neil! I will check out Alfa and gamma.

    Spoke to Cussons today – hopefully 8 October but need to do some more checking tomorrow with Carl and rod to get it all squared away. The head honcho there was on holiday so there was a delay getting the quote through.


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