I have been gathering some more engine cleaning tips from Martyn at Marine Power Services…

“The engine does need a good clean
but this needs to be done very carefully. The engine is not sealed like a modern car engine, there are a number of places where water can get inside if put under too much pressure. I would suggest engine wise, a good hover while the grit is all dry, then a good scrub down with Gunk or Jizer
(degreaser) then a rinse off with a hose pipe only avoiding too much water on the injector pump area and the six covers on the top as these have no seals and water can get inside. (P.S cleaning the inside is going to make
a mess so really needs to be done at the same time as the outside, one lot
of cleaning the outside instead of two)”

Lots of elbow grease, spit, polish and industrial quantities of jizer required!


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