It’s survey time again

I am the first to admit that things have been a little slow if late but things are all changing next week when the surveyors come to do the 3D survey.

Chaps and chapesses from Severn Partnership are coming down all the way from Shropshire with their lasers to gather the data to create a 3D model of Betty.

This is crucial for the architect to be able to gauge the exact dimensions and angles and lines when designing the new top structure. It makes planning the new phases of the build a whole lot simpler and more accurate and I get one of those exciting cgi rotatable images of better in all her glory… I wonder if I can ask them to do a bit of airbrushing and hide the massive hole that is still in the hull? And smooth out the surface? And add in that hot tub I am going to be putting on deck at the bow?

This case study of their work on Jan Steen gives some idea of the process and deliverables. Take a look here

(Ps: check me out, I’ve worked how to use the link button!)(


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