3D survey

Yesterday was the day of the 3D survey. Jess*, the surveyor, and D, the model maker came down to gather the data.


This basically involves a machine, a tripod and some markers. The gadgets spin and the data is gathered. In short, it’s not much of a spectator sport and the magic very much happens behind the scenes.


On recounting this, Led asked whether I was expecting a Jean Michel jarre style sound and light show… Ummm, actually I was.

The markers round the boat are to orientate the different parts of the picture. The positioning on the oil drum of debris does make it look like toxic waste.


The guys were spectacularly efficient, zapping around, on top and inside the boat. The big hole in the bottom definitely helped!


I am ridiculously excited to see the finished scan!!

*after only ever meeting men in boiler suits on this project, I am thrilled to get another girl in on the project. HIGH FIVE


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