Hitting the decks

Kyle and Marius swung by the boat yesterday to check out the deck. The verdict was pretty good. They are thick at an – I’m told impressive – 3.5 inches and the overall condition isn’t bad.


There are a few bits where the layout of the hatches has changed and bits replaced with pine but this is pretty minimal.

The deck is straight laid with margin planks at the front. These are the curved bits and are missing in places.

The difficulty with margin planks is that the wood needs to be really wide to take the curve. And turns out teak is phenomenally phenomenally expensive. The chaps also sized up the striker rails and measured the rudder to refit the oak panel on one side.


Before the patching is done, the seams need to be recaulked. The current caulk is a mixture of gone off sealant, moss and muck. This needs to be raked or routed out and replaced, either with traditional pitch or expensive silkaflex. The solution may be a combination of both depending on whether that part of the deck is exposed or undercover.

The historic patching also needs to be looked at. Like welding, proper replacement should be in the form of an insert (they are identifiable by a pattern of geometric lines) rather than a stuck on patch. There are examples of both which I will photograph at some point.

Last but not least, the deck furniture (the tie-y rope-y to thingies. Am yet to mug up on the official nautical terms) all needs to be unscrewed and re-bedded. Team L&L had a quick blast of some of these at the bow while they were blasting the striker rails just to see what was underneath the flakey paint. Turns out they are bronze which will look pretty darn special when all cleaned and scrubbed up.



A whole new challenge in a different material but I am keen to get this phase underway!


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