Say cheese Betty!


“OVERALL COMPETITION PRIZE: marine equipment – a wireless wind, speed and depth system with NMEA system sponsored by Raymarine, to be donated to a registered historic vessel and a monetary prize of £1000, to be awarded on a theme or activity involving a registered historic vessel (for example, attending maritime festivals, conservation or maintenance work, maritime skills training, educational programmes held on board an historic vessel).

The chance to win £1k to spend on the boat? Yes please! The depth gauge thingy would also probably be quite useful.

I enlisted King Dan and Katypoo as moral support and to take the non blurry photos without the lens cap on.

Here are the two entries I have submitted.


I might send in this creepy third one of the engine room (you gotta be in it to win it!) but it was from an iPhone so a bit inferior quality.

I will post Dan’s far superior offering as soon as they have been chosen.


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