Engine endoscopy… The good, the bad and the rusty

News is the engine has completed the second leg of the journey from Lewes to Poole and is in the trusty hands of Geoff and Martyn.

Here is the progress report so far…

“We have been working on the engine over the last two days.It is now opened
right up and has had all the external fitments removed.As far as we have
been able to see the core engine does not look too salt water corroded,
which is a good sign.

Sadly, a thorough compression check on all six cylinders has not gone
well. Two cylinders are fine while the rest proved deficient, with No 2
cylinder having minimal compression. Using our endoscope we have peered
into the engine (see attached pics). This has shown that the No2 cylinder
liner is rusty. This is probably due to the valves being open to the
atmosphere while the engine lay out of use. The damp sea air has done the
rest. You can see the rust as an arc on the left of the internal picture.
The cylinder should be silvery, shiny and polished. Not good.”

As the pictures below show, they do literally stick an endoscope into the engine.


Two out of six isn’t great but all is not lost. The chaps need to do some further work and strip the cylinder heads to work out what is going on and how bad the damage is.


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