It’s been a while

Apologies. It’s not that nothing has been happening, more that I haven’t had time to post. Plus I already told my mum and tom what is happening and i think they are the only ones reading it!

Anyway, there has been progress. The WELDERS have been diligently welding away and I think they are finally done! HURRAAAAAHHHHHHH!

I also have an update from Geoff and Martyn on the engine:
“Progress report! We have reached a milestone in the rebuild of your engine. Instead of it coming to bits we are now beginning to put it back together. A long way to go yet but it’s always good to be moving in the
right direction.

The pictures show the new liners, they are as big and heavy as they look! As you can see all six are now installed. We have also splashed a bit of
engine enamel on to the block and crankcase which is always a feel good
thing to do.

This coming week we will be running through all the static checks and
adjustments on your gearbox, finishing the core engine first paint coat and fitting the new pistons to the con rods and putting them into the

We still haven’t firmed up a date with Dan, Dan the Steam Cleaner Man but
expect to drop the remaining major parts to him for chemical cleaning and
a good wash soon.

The number six cylinder big end bearing is still to arrive, if it doesn’t
appear soon we will invoke Plan B and have your existing bearing

As ever, the cracking explanation comes with pictures… Here they are:




Doesn’t it look good!!


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