A few final deck photos…

A few final pictures as I am trawling my phone for photos of work in progress. 

The hatches in place and a large section of deck being replaced. The before…

And the after… You can also see how there is a little more in-filling to be done around the hatch but this needed a few bits of metal to be cut away first. This is half way through as the pellets are yet to be cut down and sanded.   
This piece of wood replaces a duty bit of metal that was doing the same job. It covers up a join in the metal where the deck has been reconfigured. 

  The inside view up of the barrel section I mentioned in the previous post. It has been lightly oiled and looks pretty darn smart.  

Imagine when all the deck looks like the bit below…

 Using router to produce uniform joint to all planks and capping.



 Lots of photos of blue skies…. And finally a picture of a gap under the door frame being filled. 




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