My favourite detail

As you might have gathered, there are lots of holes to be plugged on, inside and underneath Betty. Depending on the material and location, this involves a certain amount of creativity. A lot of the larger holes on the deck will be plugged with deck lights while the smaller ones will be pelleted. 

There was an unusual gap behind the hatch which needed to be filled but not necessarily with glass.
 The perfect place to use up all the small offcuts of teak from other places of the deck. These were joined in a barrel shape to allow water runoff.  
And then bedded down and fixed into place.

The spacer plugs were then removed and the gaps were caulked. And it looks pretty darn good!!


The cover was caulked with sikaflex, the same stuff that will be used to caulk the rest of the deck. I had thought it would have a gummy, more flexible texture but it tries incredibly hard and rigid, almost like the rubber on a plimsoll. The neat black lines look incredibly smart. Part of this is because the caulking is on clean cut seams – I don’t anticipate it will be able to get quite as slick an effect on the rest of the deck!!


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