To do list…

All the teak is now in the deck (yay!!!), as are all the deck lights and fittings (yay!!!). The whole thing has been filled to within an inch of its life with bale upon bale of caulking cotton and sikaflexed in place. The hatches all have heading round them to ensure they are doubly watertight. It has been pelleted and we are half way through sanding. This means IT IS FINALLY FINALLY WATERTIGHT. No mean feat and a real labour of love. The hull has started to dry out and we are well on our way to getting the inside refitted. HALLELUJAH!

Next on the agenda is yet more hoovering and scraping of the bilge ready for the paint sprayer!!

Below are the only remnants of teak after the rest had been put into the deck, used as beading or turned into pellets. 



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