We have a visitor!

Last week, Dug popped by to see how we were getting on. He was the skipper of beta III when she was used as a tourist boat on the Thames around Kingston and Hampton. It was a bit of a treat to take someone round the boat who had had hands on experience of how she works and could tell us how she was laid out back when she was a tour boat – we now know where the bar should go, not to try and sit on any railings and the importance of keeping that engine polished. Also good to have a visitor who can see the joy of the project through the long list of half finished jobs and doesn’t think I am stark raving mad! (Or at least was polite enough to hide it!!!)

Dug has promised us he will return and he is been warned that, when he does, we will be handing him a paint brush or persuading him to give the rudder shaft an overhaul! You gotta tap up anyone who has plenty of hands on experience, right? 

Some photos below that Dug took. It was a real blue sky day.

Yours truly striking my best boat pose!



8 thoughts on “We have a visitor!

  1. Bill Edwards

    I was very interested to see your website, as I am a crewman on the Massey Shaw. Where is Beta III, at the moment? I would be interested in having a look at her, sometime.

      1. Bill Edwards

        Thanks, Helen. I shall probably be coming to Rye next month. I will let you know, when I know the date. Bill.

      2. Bill Edwards

        I shall be coming to Rye, on Saturday 3rd December. If you could please let me know where Beta III is, I will come and see her. I will be arriving in Rye between 1300 & 1400, and will need to get the bus back to Tenterden at 1615, to get the connecting bus to Maidstone. With thanks, Bill.

      3. hellyboo Post author

        Hi bill, I’m afraid it isn’t possible to get access to the site on a Saturday as it is only open during the week. I am also at work on Saturday. It would be possible to arrange something midweek but unfortunately not before Christmas. Apologies – please don’t be put off visiting another time though!

  2. Brian Burford

    Hiya , I used to help Dug out on the Beta111 in 1977(iirc) before going to work on some old Dutch coasters , nice to see the boat and Dug are still around !!!

    1. hellyboo Post author

      I am just finding all these new comments. Amazing! Yes – Dug came by to Rye and visited. It was fab to meet him and piece that bit of the history together. If you are ever in Woodbridge, do come by!!


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