Next phase – the walls

Floor. Tick. Now on to the walls… 

Great diagram huh? What this is trying to show is that there is a ledge half way up the walls above the waterline. This is about shoulder height and will be where a shelf sits. Below it there will be horizontal panelling built out from the ribs. Behind this I can put pieces of foam insulation (no spray on here!). The shelf can also conceal any wiring. In an ideal world (really not achievable when it comes to anything boat related) it would be floor to ceiling but this creates a big issue with the portholes and they would have to be built round (fiddly and crap looking) or put on a collar (not original and probably impossible to find the right fitting). The insulation will at least come above the waterline and should look good.

This is the first panelling sample. Called bead and butt apparently. Once that is painted (white I reckon, though could be persuaded to a grey) we really will be going great guns.


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