Turning point

There have been some major turning points in this project (bear with me as it has been a long project and hence lots of lots of turning points) that have spurred me on with the project and seemed like a real watershed moment. They include: getting the blimmin thing out the water in the first place, finishing the blasting, getting the first coat of paint on, finishing the deck, and now the floor. It’s down and looking truly truly sublime. I am yet to walk on it personally (child care issues etc) by I am assured that it is the soundest, smoothest floor you ever did step on.

The final piece to the puzzle has been the flooring round the engine. This ties in really well with the main cabin flooring and means the engine can just be dropped in place.

No mean feat with lots of fiddly bits round the edges and different levels.


3 thoughts on “Turning point

  1. Dug Ward

    Wow, it’s looking really good. You’ve achieved so much since I visited last summer. I must arrange to come again soon

    1. hellyboo Post author

      Thanks Dug! It’s funny as in terms of man power, it has been less intensive this summer than last. I guess with the finishing touches it all seems to have come together at last whereas all the grubby jobs didn’t look to have moved the project on much! Do come visit again . Would be great to show you round and we should have the engine in situ by then

    2. hellyboo Post author

      Hey Dug, couldn’t find your email address. We are lifting the engine in next Friday, you’d be welcome to come watch if you have time? Will be interesting if it all goes to plan!!!


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