Square portholes

So many different loose ends being tied up as this project – hopefully – draws to an end. One of these is the square portholes. These were an original feature, quite distinctive in the historical photos, that had been removed at some point – likely when the Front deck was dropped – and replaced with circular Ines. Given we were three circular portholes short on each side when we re-raised the deck, it made sense to reinstate the square portholes.

The only problem is that you can’t find square portholes of that dimension for love nor money anywhere. Literally anywhere – not on Ebay, not at salvage yards, not in India where all the more recently salvaged boat fittings come front. Not anywhere. And I’ve been searching for four years.

Good thing that Ian can knock up a wooden version. These look great and are exactly the right dimensions so fit just where we want them. Photos of them in place next week!


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